Picking Your Perfect Leather

Leather hides come in many different colors, textures, finishes, & weights. Below I've described the leather finishes I carry in my shop. This can help you decide which is best for you. Or you can take my fun leather quiz below to help narrow down whats right for you.

Find my Perfect Leather Finish Quiz

A Smooth Hand

Only Getting Better with Age

  • Cognac, English Black, Blush Nude ~ If you like a smooth hand to your bags and like to take the time to break your bags in these beauties are for you. You'll start with a sturdy solid feeling bag. This leather is a bit rigid but the more you use it the more it gets better with age. She will start to soften up, then darken in corners till the entire bag is a richer darker color. And even further down the line she will patina around those edges giving you a beautiful leather bag. (English Black will not darken but will still soften and patina over time)
  • Natural ~ This color will also change over time but starts as a much more softer bag than the ones above. She will patina around those edges giving you a beautiful leather bag over the years.

The Swan

  • Blush Nude, Oak, & Natural ~ You have to see this beautiful transformation. This color is amazing; she starts a light blush nude color with a smooth hand and a very solid thick feel but the more you use this nude beauty her deeper darker side will come out until she has transformed into a darker richer color. This leather will also soften up and patina but the long life of this transformation will be the fun part to watch. Don't worry though if you want a full summer of her lighter color, she will stay light in color for awhile.
    Blush Nude is more stiff and sturdy feeling bag in the begining compared to the Natural that will come softer.

Wild Child

  • Scottish Ale, Cherry, Chocolate Torte, Ink, & Black ~ If you like some structure but don't want to spend months softening up your bag and love deep marbley colors then these would be great for you. They have a smooth hand with a glazed look. While they come already softer than the previous two they will still soften up even more making any structure in the bags more relaxed over time. And as true with any quality full-grain leather these will also patina and darken with you over the years.
    Tiramisu ~ also has some beautiful marble pull qualities but has a texture grain look instead of the smooth ones above. This leather will feel very soft and create a much more relaxed/worn in looking bag.

Girl Next Door

  • Tan ~ Who doesn't love the girl next door? She fun, pretty, & super easy to get along with. Your bestie at brunch! This leather is exactly like that. Not too thick, not too rigid, not too marbley but has some lighter tone markings. Glazed but not shiny. This leather will have some structure but lighter-weight than the previous ones. She will soften up giving any beginning structure a more relaxed temperament and dive deeper into her sun kissed self over time and of course patina as well much later down the road.

High Shine

  • True Black~ For those looking for a beautiful shine to their leather bags. Lighter-weight with a little structure this leather will come ready to use with very little breaking in time.

Soft Hands

This Ain't Grandma's Crushed Velvet Tracksuit

  • Sangria & Harbor Mist ~ So Yummy! This is not your thin suede that comes as linings. This is Nubuck! Much more durable, thick, and surprisingly easy to take care of. If you LOVE soft textures but still want a quality bag this is your perfect match. This soft leather is brushed to give it the suede-like texture but still completely full-grain so it will last beautifully over time. Even when the bag darkens over time you can give it a little brush to bring some life back to her. Harbor Mist for a lightly structured look & Sangria for a super relaxed look.

Soft & Sweet!

  • Buttercup, Milkshake, Martini Olive, Soft White, & Dusty Jade ~ This leather is so SOFT to the touch it feels like its going to melt in your hands. This leather is super relaxed. It will darken over time but with proper care and tlc this beauty can stay brilliant for years. Your bag will have a more relaxed look in these.


Which ever leather you choose you will also receive a care instruction card telling you about your leather and how to care for it. And don't worry! If you ever have any questions I am one email or phone call away. In general, Leather conditioners should be applied with a soft cloth for cleaning and to also provide good water repellent properties. This will help maintain the leathers beauty & minimize scratches. For Nubucks and Suede products a 'Protect All' Spray should be applied (I usually do this for you, but its always good to spray it one more time when you get it). When life happens such as dirt & spills wipe off with soft cloth. All your leather goodies will also come with a dust bag to help store them and extend their life.