My Promise

1. Ensure quality production & materials.
2. Give value to the product.
3. Contemplate the connection with the environment.

I will never use leather from anywhere but the United States & from US Tanneries: Meaning, I know where the animal came from and what tannery the hide was produced in. Other Countries producing leather do not have laws that control and monitor the treatment of animals, workers, and the environment. Just buying leather in a shop in America does not mean it is an American hide that was made following the safety and wage laws. More than likely it was made in China or India where there are little to none restrictions. America has very strict laws on how the hides are produced, safety inspections, & protection laws for clean water and waste standards. My other materials are also sourced from American companies that I have checked out to have strict enforcements on safety, fair wages, & environmental standards.

Slow Fashion Values & Practices I Follow

1. Seeing the big picture: Recognize the impact of our collective choices & how they affect the environment and people.
2. Slowing down consumption: Providing the healthy rhythm with what the earth can provide.
3. Diversity: Keeping traditional methods of garment & textile making and dyeing techniques alive gives vibrancy and meaning to what we wear and how it was made.
4. Respecting People: Helping to secure the fair treatment of workers.
5. Acknowledging human needs: Offering fashion with emotional significance.
6. Resourcefulness: Using local materials and resources when possible and try to support the development of local businesses and skills.
7. Maintaining quality and beauty: Encouraging classic designs over passing trends & sourcing high quality materials, offering beautiful, timeless pieces.
8. Profitability: Prices are often higher because they incorporate sustainable resources and fair wages.
9. Practicing Consciousness: Decisions based on personal passions, an awareness of the connection to others and the environment, and the willingness to act responsibly.

What my Customers are saying:

  • How would you describe Dunole to a friend?
  • - "High quality with attention to detail"
    - "A badass hand-crafted leather goods company that makes quality, beautiful, original, and unique products!"
    - "Wonderfully beautiful bags made with much love and care. Someone that stands behind her product"
    - "Outstanding products! Excellent designs, quality and the best online customer service of any vendor we have ordered from!"

  • What do you think about the quality of the products you have purchased?
  • - "After purchasing multiple bags I know the women in my life were excited when they selected products online and were even more amazed with the quality after receiving them as gifts!"
    - "The quality of her handbags are amazing and they will last forever."
    - "The quality is amazing. They hold up really well and are easy to care for."

  • How would you rate Dunole‚Äôs customer service?
  • - "awesome!"
    - "Every purchase has been an excellent experience!"


I love these pieces and stand firmly behind the the materials and craftsmanship that are involved in the process of creating them. I strive to exceed your expectations of quality but in the unlikely event you find a problem with the materials or craftsmanship of your product, I will repair or replace your item for the same or similar style depending on what is available. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or damage due to mistreatment, although I will repair your item if possible for a reasonable fee if the materials are available. *This excludes keychains & Sample Sale items.


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