Customer Reviews

I just wanted to let you know we received Jessie's purse. It's beautiful and she loves it!!
Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and attention to detail, I'm sure it will become a treasured piece for years to come. I look forward to picking out a bag for myself maybe for our
anniversary in October."
-Marti & Tom

Thanks so much for the beautiful job on the bag. I have been carrying it this past week and love it. The work on it is beautiful! I enjoyed meeting you and am so happy with the bag!"

The Dunole Fund

Giving back is important to Dunole. With each purchase a portion is donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society through the Dunole fund. The fund was established to honor a near and dear relative and friend who has had a life long struggle with chronic MS.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body's immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The exact antigen – or target that the immune cells are sensitized to attack – remains unknown, which is why MS is considered by many experts to be "immune-mediated" rather than autoimmune. Scientists believe the disease is triggered by as-yet-unidentified environmental factor(s) in a person who is genetically predisposed to respond – The cause of MS is still unknown.

From the National MS Society

About Dunole


Hi my name is Nikki and I am the owner and designer for Dunole. I have always had a passion for designing and I love creating one of a kind pieces that are stylish, and made with special touches of traditional craftsmanship. It is important to me to preserve the true artistry in the work. From cutting to hand stitching, lacing, or punching, each piece is marked by my own hands. Once in your hands you will feel and see the quality. Days are spent crafting each piece with precision. I am not a perfect creature, the imperfect is actually quite beautiful to me. It is one of the reason I love to work with leather. Each hide is completely unique and will never make the same two items. I do aim for perfection in my craft though. That is why each piece also comes with a guarantee of craftsmanship. Built to last and grow more beautiful over time with proper care.

'Dunole' comes from a collection of stories and words from my family. The name 'Dean Gaoithe Unole' represent those stories of love, struggle, & wildness that inspire and, keep me grounded to what is important for the my brand.

While creating my own exclusive work using only American leather I also focus on being ethically mindful in sourcing all of my materials and giving back through charitable donations from my sales.

When I'm not in my studio designing and leather crafting you will find me outside in nature. Hiking, swimming, riding, and playing with my pups. I love this work and I am so greatly appreciative of those who also find the beauty in handmade quality pieces.

Thank you for visiting my store & please come back anytime. Namaste